Maintaining Your AC System for Best Performance

Keeping the air conditioning system in your home working at its peak performance can save you money and help keep your home comfortable through the heat of summer. There are a few AC maintenance items you can perform yourself that will help or you can have an AC maintenance company come and service the system for you.

Changing the Filters

Changing the filters in your air conditioning system is one of the most basic and overlooked AC maintenance items on the list. The filters remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris from the air, and over time they start to lose the ability to move air through them because of the debris on the filer. 

Replacing these filters once every three months will keep the air moving through them and the air in the house clean and healthy. Filters that are neglected can cause the AC system to work harder than necessary, and the result can be damage to the fan inside the air conditioning system 

While the filters are very basic AC maintenance, changing the filters is one of the most important things you can do to keep the system working correctly. If you are not sure where the filters are located in your system, check with the AC maintenance company that usually works on your system. They can show you where they are and how to change them.

Performing Outside AC Maintenance

There are some things you can do to keep your AC system running better that starts outside the home as well. The air condition unit outside your home needs to be able to draw in air to run efficiently. Keeping plants and other items away from the AC unit is the best way to ensure that air can get to the unit, and plants that grow into the vents can clog the system up. 

Outside AC maintenance may mean trimming weeds around your unit or cutting back bushes and removing things like outdoor equipment or toys piled up near the unit. While it may seem trivial, this little bit of work around the outside unit can significantly improve the way it runs and can make it easier for the tech to access when they come to perform seasonal maintenance on the system.

If the AC maintenance company needs to work around the unit outside your home, not having to fight with overgrown bushes and long grass can help them, complete the work faster and get your air conditioning back on.